Net Messaging - a free UDP/IP chat application

Net Messaging is a simple application that enable you to send message (chat) on your current network. Net Messaging is using the UDP/IP for its communications and it doesn’t need a server.

Net Messaging Screenshot

Download Version 1.2 (319 KB)
Server #1
Server #2

  1. 7 Responses to “Net Messaging - a free UDP/IP chat application”

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    By Virmant on Jul 1, 2008

  3. hi

    By monia on Jul 15, 2008

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    By Aying on Mar 7, 2009

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    By Si_ello on Aug 10, 2009

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  7. kalo lawan chat ngak instal net messeging?

    Balas: teteap bisa karena itu mengandalkan service windows bawaan

    By Mardi on Aug 11, 2009

  8. gmn sih cr upload fto d facebook. bgi yg blz mksh bngt

    By Ipvnk on Oct 22, 2009

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